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pupe friends?
girls night out C:

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While the Japanese authorities sift through the debris left by the earthquake and tsunami, the total damage to infrastructure and total body count just keep increasing. As if this wasn't bad enough, multiple nuclear reactors are now giving them even more to worry about.  

If you are interested in helping out then just donate to your local red cross! It's the most practical way to help.

If you ARE going to donate..PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! There have been reports of fake agencies claiming that they are going to send their donations to help Japan, when in truth it's going into their own greedy pockets.  So to be safe than sorry, donate to your local red cross or even world vision.  If your school is having a donation pool, that's good too! Of course keep in mind, in some places it may be prohibited to collect donations (ie, in public from strangers..) without a permit (as stated in the Japan love project's page).

Are you, CANADIAN? and lives in LOWER MAINLAND BC? Then good, here is a direct… to a facebook even that is organized by 16 people. It's called the JAPAN LOVE PROJECT.  Basically, if you donate to them, they will help you bring your money to the Canadian red cross.  They have multiple events going on, but just go to their page to check it out!!…
Some places you can go donate are:
Glam Nail in Richmond
Langara (not sure if they still have it, but I did see their table there this week)

Remember, the amount doesn't matter, it's the thought that counts.  If donating is hard right now (economy is pretty bad..) then just spread the word!! Or if you would like something back for donating, why not attend an event that they have?  This way, you will be helping out and having fun!!  

Please don't worry about it being a scam, if they're brave enough to go downtown TWICE and ask for donations and go to the two largest universities in BC, all to steal our money. Well all I have to say it, they aren't very smart.

Once again, the………… for the fb page with more info is here… !!!!!!!!

Oh, and here's a super cute animation that helps explain the situation (and dumb down so we can all understand ) with their nuclear reactor in Fukushima right now.………
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thanks anyways though~ *hugglez~
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I only have to do Research papers.. no midterms or finals for me~ YAY!!
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lol so lucky...i hate studying for finals...i can never remember much from the first half of the sem...

i know your bday b/c it's remembrance day? LOL...but yea i was out all day so i kinda forgot until later ):
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